Kelly’s Bake Shoppe

Poppa-Russ-Cupcake_Kellys-Bake-Shoppe_Kelly-Childs_Russ-Childs_Erinn-Weatherbie_Ken-childs_Kindfood-e1365791467578 If you are ever passing through Burlington make sure you stop into Kelly’s Bake Shoppe. An incredible place to get all of the best gluten free goodies and sweets. Ashley and I have stopped by a couple of times for their excellent cupcakes. It’s placed in the heart of downtown Burlington and you’ll soon see why so many people love our city. They owners, Erinn and Kelly, also own a small restaurant right around the corner called KindFood. It’s a vegan and gluten free dream!p1000359

Here are some of the reviews that you can find on the Kelly’s website:

“Oh my freaking goodness I was not disappointed! You’re an hour away so I don’t get out there much but it’s always worth the trek. I hope the black magic cupcakes make it into the regular rotation. You guys rock =)— Kim Murphy

“I bought some cookies yesterday for a treat and just wanted to let you know that they were better than the ones my mom used to make….but please don’t tell her 🙂 love your place so much!— Melanie Gower

🙂 May the GF be with you



Chocolate Chip Cookies

This was another big one for Ashley and me! Store bought GF cookies are insults to your taste buds. Don’t waste your money just make your own! So I’m posting a link to our favorite cookie recipe. Remember that I use Bulk Barn’s flour and use 1/4 xanthan gum for every cup of flour. We just had them tonight and my little sister loves them and she doesn’t eat gluten free.

landolakes chocolate chip cookies



Tonight I made our favorite meal, Burgers! When Ashley began eating gluten free she hadn’t realized what she was giving up. She was crushed because she realized she was giving up burgers.  She didn’t know if she could do it (when we first started out we had a ton of gluten free stuff and I missed my usual snacks, so when I was at work or running errands I would often pick up a burger and then a pack of gum to hide the evidence! I know I’m awful.).However it wasn’t long till Ashley found a way for us to make

IMG_3402 homemade GF burgers and with GF buns. We were saved! We found out that you can use GF rolled oats. We use the big box you can get at Costco. Oats are naturally gluten free yet the Quaker box we get has the potential of being contaminated. Be very careful of this if you have celiac disease. The food product must be certified gluten free and clearly have it marked. Udi’s GF Burger Buns are the best out there in our opinion. And it’s very important to always toast GF bread! and then keep it stored in the freezer for it to keep (I’ll post more on this topic).

The recipe is basic enough, and maybe that’s why I like it, but it’s a keeper!


Gluten Free Burgers

1lb ground beef

1 egg

1/2 c GF rolled oats

Honey Bunny template_s11/4 c amazing dad’s BBQ sauce (Honey Bunny) any flavor

1/2 tbs onion and garlic powder

pepper and salt to taste

Optional (but highly recommended!)

1/2 tsp paprika

1/2 c kale, washed and finely chopped 

few shakes of Woodland Natural Hickory Liquid Smoke Flavor (the best part)

Preheat oven 400 degrees, cook time 20- 25 mins

Add all ingredients together and make into patties (or meat balls or meat loaf) place on shallow pan with tin foil. Pour more BBQ sauce on top for more flavor. Serve on top of Udi’s Gluten free burger buns

Love to hear how yours turn out! Enjoy and may the GF be with you

IMG_3403 IMG_3404


Gluten Free Flour


I find that GF baking takes more time to learn then cooking so you’ll see more posts on the things I’ve tried. You also need to know that I write mainly towards Canadians. In America you guys seem to have it made and there are tons of affordable GF options.

When it comes to buying flour you can always buy that tiny ass bag from Red Mill at most grocery stores. The cashier will just ask you how many installments you would like to make and if you would like to remortgage your house. Or you can go over to bulk barn which has a wide selection of gluten free items. I really like their flour and it works well in all the recipes I make. This does not cancel out rule number 1. There is no xanthan gum in this flour so you will still need to buy a bag. I believe this is why GF flour can be so expensive; XG is already added in perfectly. So when I am using GF flour for anything I use this rule:

1/4 teaspoon of xanthan gum for 1 cup of flour

Make sure if the recipe calls for more xanthan gum that you add it.

So when I start posting more recipes I want you to know that this is the flour I will be using and if it it changes I’ll let you know.

Ill post all my recipes I’ve tried and Ill show you my success an my failures! And there has been a lot of failures, so there will be lots of chances to laugh and learn!

Thanks for reading and may the GF be with you

Brendan Blinch

P.s!! Look for Bulk Barn coupons! They help save you money! Follow them on Facebook or look for it in the newspaper!