How this story began….

My girlfriend Ashley does not have celiac disease nor do I but we eat gluten free. Nope we are not idiots. Something that few people know is that gluten can trigger migraines and that’s what Ashley suffers from. She has some of the worst migraines that doctors have ever heard of. Don’t ask me about the science behind this because I have no idea. All I know is that when Ashley eats gluten our house stays quiet and dark for 2 days. Movies are not the same when you can’t hear them :|.

After learning this deep science that I cannot explain we began trying these mysterious gluten free products. The first few months were god awful. Not only were we poor but also sad. Everything we tried was really gross. I was also trying to give up gluten so Ashley didn’t feel so alone. I believe that couples should endure each other’s struggles and battles; it makes us stronger (I will have to admit that I have gone back to gluten products because it was too expensive to feed both of us and I just missed bagels and beer). In an effort to save us from bankruptcy and starvation I decided to look up products I could make for us. There are so many sites and recipes out there that gave us hope that our lives didn’t have to be filled with awful food. I could kiss all of you that posted those recipes, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

After almost a year of cooking, baking and searching for gluten free products my wisdom grew. I was very unaware of how much I knew until my sister told me that her 14 year old daughter has chosen to be gluten free. This is how the conversation went:

Amber: So Liz is now gluten free. Any tips on affordable places to buy those products?

Me: Ok first question is it a choice or does she test positive for celiac disease?

Amber: It’s a choice. Sugar and processed foods and gluten seems to aggravate her stomach

Me: Ok well the good stuff is expensive and just because it’s gluten free doesn’t mean it has less sugar or been less processed. Sometimes it can be more! So what you can do is buy the modestly priced crap and when she turns her nose up to it, because it’s really going to be gross, you can suggest a more a diet consisting more of veggies and meats rather than breads.

Amber: Lol. Very practical. I will start there!

Me: LOL ok so if you need bread for her pick up the brand ‘everything but gluten’. You can find it in metro or any Loblaw’s chain stores. Remind her she can’t have chips, gummies, certain chocolate bars, no lunch meat, no pasta till you get the gluten free kind at bulk barn, only GF rice krispies, no marshmallows, no granola bars, nothing that is breaded, and no ice-cream. If that doesn’t kick it she really does want to do this and then I feel very sorry for you. Also pick up some GF cookies, those things are awful!

Amber: Lol, that’s amazing

Me: I’m evil but good

Amber: yes you are

That’s what led me to start this blog because I don’t want you to have to suffer like we did. And if you have then maybe next project should be to start a healing group for those who have suffered through god awful gluten free products.

Thanks for reading and may the GF be with you,

Brendan Blinch


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