Rule number one!

Ok guys if you are new to this you HAVE TO obey this one rule when you are baking GF.

Use Xanthan Gum.

Sounds easy right and it is but it’s pretty expensive. One bag of XG can cost you up to $15 and the bag isn’t very big. the importance of XG is that it makes your baking taste like real food. It also makes your muffins and biscuits fluffy instead of so rock hard you could render someone unconscious with one throw. If you know people that go down to the states have them look for XG. It’s much cheaper and they come in little pouches that will only cost .49 cents each. If not, bite the bullet and go to a Bulk Barn or Whole Foods to pick up a bag. Often enough you won’t use much and you’ll be grateful that you had it.

Listen to the rule. Look for this brand below in the US



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