Kelly’s Bake Shoppe

Poppa-Russ-Cupcake_Kellys-Bake-Shoppe_Kelly-Childs_Russ-Childs_Erinn-Weatherbie_Ken-childs_Kindfood-e1365791467578 If you are ever passing through Burlington make sure you stop into Kelly’s Bake Shoppe. An incredible place to get all of the best gluten free goodies and sweets. Ashley and I have stopped by a couple of times for their excellent cupcakes. It’s placed in the heart of downtown Burlington and you’ll soon see why so many people love our city. They owners, Erinn and Kelly, also own a small restaurant right around the corner called KindFood. It’s a vegan and gluten free dream!p1000359

Here are some of the reviews that you can find on the Kelly’s website:

“Oh my freaking goodness I was not disappointed! You’re an hour away so I don’t get out there much but it’s always worth the trek. I hope the black magic cupcakes make it into the regular rotation. You guys rock =)— Kim Murphy

“I bought some cookies yesterday for a treat and just wanted to let you know that they were better than the ones my mom used to make….but please don’t tell her 🙂 love your place so much!— Melanie Gower

🙂 May the GF be with you



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