Sh!t son that’s Lasagna!

ImageMy lovely darling made us lasagna last night and it was amazing! So amazing that I couldn’t believe it was Gluten Free. GF noodles can be a little challenging when it comes to getting the perfect consistency. I’ve made some awful meals that had noodles still too hard to chew or noodles that were so slimy you couldn’t keep them on a fork :S. One important rule for all GF noodles is to rinse them thoroughly. After boiling them there is a lot of starch in the water and we want to get rid of that. Reason being is that the starch can make the noodles slimy and that can make anyone want to give up on GF noodles entirely. Also looking at it from a health point of view having that much starch in our meals isn’t good for us.

Ashley was able to get the perfect consistency for our lasagna and it was impressive! ImageThe noodles she used were Tinkyada Brown Rice Pasta and she bought them at Freshco. Only needed one box for the entire dish, which is great for those of us spending way too much money on GF products already. If you are up to the challenge or have been craving lasagna like we have for the last year, get this pasta! You won’t be disappointed, I promise.

Thanks for reading and may the GF be with you!


Eating out


It’s date night and we love eating out. Ashley doesn’t need to make anything and I don’t have to clean! That’s a perfect night! But you can’t just go anywhere when you’re gluten free. So I looked online for a few options and I surprised to see how many options there was in Canada! I looked on the website Gluten Free Ontario a great source of information for the GF soul.20131207-201621.jpg
Tonight we picked Milestones and the food and service was excellent! We both had burgers and Ashley said that her burger bun was amazing. I tired and I couldn’t tell the difference between ours. Here’s some photos from the night:


VH Sauce and Dinner

IMG_3456For tonight, Ashley and I made Butter Chicken. It was a huge favorite of ours back in our free days. We stopped to see that VH sauce was on sale for $2 at Freshco. There was another brand that we knew was gluten free but it was really pricey. So in unison we picked up the jars to look at it’s ingredients and to our surprise they were all Gluten Free! I had been avoiding certain recipes this whole time since I was missing ingredients like teriyaki or hoisin sauce. VH will now be our go to in the future.

Our dinner consisted of Chicken (duh), Long grain white rice, zucchinis, peppers, mushrooms, VH Butter chicken sauce, and Greek plain yogurt. Quick, simple and incredibly delicious! Give it a try you won’t be disappointed.