I wanted to do something really original so I decided to do a food blog! OK it’s not original whats so ever. Why I’ve started this is to help those who struggle with a gluten intolerance or have to cook for people with a gluten intolerance. It’s really not easy to live like this especially in Canada. We don’t have a lot of resources however I will say that it has really improved over the last few years. The greatest struggle I think is trying not to sink your whole paycheck into gluten free products. They are so expensive! I get it that this is not easy to make a gluten free cookie that doesn’t taste like sawdust and just a hint of ass but 8$ for a box of maybe 12 is pushing it. So hang in there and I will try my best to make your gluten free intolerance something you can laugh about and enjoy rather than cry about and hate yourself.

About the the blogger:

Brendan Blinch currently lives in beautiful Burlington Ontario. Loves to garden on his balcony and walk this tiny, over energetic dog through Canada’s best trails and parks. He is an environmental activist and one of the authors for CopyCarbon. He has been discovering the gluten free world for over a year now. Trying every kind of gluten free recipe and product. He likes to think of himself as a chef but he’s just a normal dude trying to make sure his better half has good food to eat.


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